The Forgotten Beast

aka Foolly E. Rekt

  • I live in the closest area to Hell
  • My occupation is Netturbino
  • I am a man in need of a woman with an ice bag and some aspirins
The Forgotten Beast
is a Truthiness Crusader!

The Forgotten Beast
is a Colbert Loyalist!

Treat him with full honorabilityness

The Forgotten Beast
Gender Male
Race Wookie
Religion Christian and Haruist (BITE ME BEAR LOVERS!!!)
Occupation Hippie Truthiest
Passion Lord Colbert and the country that spits up sexyness and craps out rainbows! XD
Motto “Remember! If u dont believe ur a fu***** bear lover! >:O”
Truthiness fact! Loves Anime, Hentai
Truthiness fact! He thinks 2D girls are better than 3D girls (said with no shame! >:D)
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