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"If I could come back from the dead, I would absolutely party with The Lake Effect. He is one bad dude, eh"
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The Lake Effect is back from his trip to the lead and cardboard-laden nation known as "Communist China". The frequency of his visits to will increase as time permits.


I am currently a CIA Section 31 agent deep undercover in the savage land of Toronto. Some of my duties include the following:

  • Profiling anti-American activities on Canadian soil.
  • Setting up secret prisons so secret that I don't even know where they are.
  • Impregnating the local population to Americanize the gene pool.

Pursuant to my assignment as a Disinformation Officer, I have infiltrated as the Senior Canadian Correspondant. I am now applying for control the Captain of the Canadian Club on Wikiality. Isn't that some kind of liquor they distill in Windsor, Ontario?

Grumpy Lake Effect

Someone get me some coffee.


It smells like moose droppings here. The girls taste like maple syrup. Where's my gun?

Other things about me that you cannot verifyEdit

Robert Ludlum wrote his Bourne series of novels based on my life. He owes me a ton of royalties.

I am also a descendant of Confucius. That's where I get the truthiness from.

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