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thisniss makes many truthibutions to the tubes

(but hasn't updated this "truthibutions" list very regularly)
Stephen and andras shred

I bet Stephen can tear up "Himnusz: A magyar nép zivataros századaiból" on that baby.

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featured articles: Virginality, Hungaria, Jerry Falwell, Harry Potter, and The American Family

featured words: The DeGeneres Paradox, Gandalf, Internets-Americans, Mother, Father, and some group "assists"

10 features in 2007, and not looking to match that in 2008 :-)

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why not play on some of the following pages (if you're looking for something to do, these are some things I started and never got very far on, or some categories that alway need attention...)


No Scapegoats
No Scapegoats
No Sacred Cows
No Sacred Cows
No Bears
No Bears

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hobo camp?

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