I don't hate Meg Whitman. That's something that takes both time and personal knowledge of a day to day way of living and existing that we as mere mortal Californians will never see. I can't stand her....that's a reaction like...vomiting or diarrhea.

I can't stand the thought that we send people to their deaths every day to defend Meg Whitman's right to spend her money as well as corporate money and any other monies she has to take what she wants by force.

It is force. Nothing we can do, so sit back and let her throw her money to the winds.

But what does she spend her money on? Media whores? Well.....yes there are those, but with that kind of money she can also pay for those pesky Internet troll you always see pop during the presidential elections. Is this really a possibility. Oh, of course....grow up.

One need only be an active critic or supporter of Meg Whitman's opposition to feel the weight of those trolls..and then do a quick cross reference to her Political Reform filings to see.....that it's a good thing we have political reform filings! LOL!

Oops, Meg....your slip is showing.

Mark James Miller Amadscientist