Thebruceman100 07:46, April 10, 2011 (UTC)Ahh dragon ball z the most amazing thing or anime in the world , well actually its dragon ball z kai now "the new version." I may onle be 13 but that dosent meen that I dont watch 80's anime, well actually the manga came out in the 80's in Japan. It didnt come out in the U.S as a liscensed 'dubd' tv show for Funnimation until, what the 90's , I guess. Well I'l just get to the point Dragon Ball Z is awesome it is the best non U.S anime ever (I even think its better than Naruto and or Naruto Shippuden, if thats how you spell it) The only thing that I dont like about Dragon ball z is the series that comes after it (DRAGON BALL GT) The reson I dont like Dragon Ball GT is that the whole entire anime revoves around one person , and thats Goku. In Dragon Ball Z the whole anime is 'split' up between the charectors or Z fighters, such as Goku,Krillin,Piccolo,Vegita,Yamcha,Tien ,etc. Each one of these charectors gets a chance at the spot light , soft of. Meen while in Dragon Ball GT the whole anime sournds Goku. Some of you are saing "well he is the main charector ,isint he?' Yea he is but in GT he Only and Always fight alone Well sometimes. If you like Dragon Ball GT , ok good for you its not like i'm gonna go brake into your house and hurt you. What I did is I completaly ignored GT , even though I saw all 64 episodes of it, I pretended it never happend.