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!Fun Fact #1: | Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream comes from Vermont did you know pigs won't eat mint ice cream

Calvin Colledge are 30 president and he took the job after his father and there Is a place to see where he lived died and did famous things

Vermont gets really snowy and cold in winter but for those hot southern fans who need to cool off a bit can go there during the summer

Vermont is a place that is not famous but should not be outcasted


Vermont looks identicall to New Hampshire. So identicall that Vermont and New Hampshire are the "brother states". Both states share a border with Canada . If Maine was a continent just like California, Vermont and New Hampshire would be part of Maine. Vermont is just a forest. Everywhere you go in Vermont, there is trees, trees, trees, trees, and trees. The trees are so nice, that New England (with the exception of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island) deserve more people. Vermont is like Canada because of its trees and cold weather. And yes, Vermont does get really cold in the winter.


Vermont was originaly part of Massachusetts. Also, two college buddies, Ben and Jerry moved to Vermont from England. They were dirt poor, so they needed to get money by getting a job. They worked for a cheap ice cream store, but didnt get payed enough, so they quit thier job. Then they opened thier own business and called it "Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream". Their ice cream was FAR more popular than the ice cream at the other ice cream store! People started to buy a lot of flavors. This also made Massachusetts mad, but Vermont decided to become thier own province! So they did, and named it the province of Vermont. They also made the top of all thier ice cream containers say "Vermont's Finest". And to this day, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream is very popular! But the massholes still dont approve of the ice cream, so thats why they continue to plague Vermont, along with New Hampshire and Maine.

Achieving StatehoodEdit

When Massachusetts needed to invade Vermont because of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Vermont quickly became thier own state to save themselves from the massholes.

Vermont TodayEdit

Not so many people, forests, snow, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, what is there to complain about? Oh yeah, the massholes.

Famous VermontersEdit



People who work for Ben and Jerry

People who make Ben & Jerry's ice cream

A Typical day in VermontEdit

Eating Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream while watching the Red Sox.

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