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Vodka has earned

It may be a commie drink… but by Gawd, it is awesome!!

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Vodka, sometimes known as the nectar of communism, is one of the biggest threats to Freedom and Liberty It is very well known that Russians drink vodka. Russians equals USSR which equals communism which then leads to danger. The Truthiness of the matter is those Commie Art Loving bastards are almost as bad as Hollywood hating liberals that hate America and Americans - and freedom!

Is there no way to free America from this Communistic curse? Of course there is: you must drink your Vodka... with a mixture of truth!

American Vodka Recipe

Vodka Beverage, American Style

10 parts Mountain dew

1 bottle Vodka

1 American

Now that you have saved your self from being turned into a Russian communistic bastard, all you need is a nice cigar. Hurry, citizen! Your country needs you. Communism is encroaching from that filthy cesspool of a tropical island paradise to the south. You must do your patriotic duty in support of God and Country, and against the forces of Cuban Communistic infiltration.

Ahhh, taste that Freedom!

More American Vodka Drinks

  • The perfect Truthtini is made from two parts vodka, no part fact.
  • An upside down Truthikaze is made with vodka, lime juice, and the facts.

Vodka: Fun Fracts

  • When tens of thousands of people have prayed for Stephen Colbert, he feels as though he has been infused with a bottle of Absolut Citron.
  • Hungarian vodkas are intended for the "business drinker."
  • The Poles drink their vodka with beer, something they learned from the Germans, rather than with another vodka, as per the Russian tradition.
  • The vodka breath of a Russian can kill you.
  • In Serbia, they enjoy a shot of blood and vodka.
  • the European Union dared to regulate vodka
  • Even Russians are starting to think that Vodka is pure evil

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