works to destroy America's tradition and heritage
by replacing it with the liberal American-hating agenda and gay marriage.
Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-WGA-nejad is a terrorist.

The WGA stands for Writers Guild of America.

They are the absolute worst of everything God has shunned from Heaven.

They are:

  1. a union
  2. of writers
  3. who--get this--"work" in Hollywood!

They shouldn't be allowed to use "America" in their name.

WGA StrikeEdit

The writers guild is on strike because they hate our hero Stephen Colbert. We must fight them to get our hero back on the air. If Jay Leno can get back on then Stephen Colbert can!

Stephen Colbert is back on. Mission Accomplished!!!

Who Needs Writers?Edit

I'll tell you who: Liberals. The garbage that spills from their mouths each time they go to speak is so outlandish that only a writer could imagine it. Liberals, therefore, think with the brain and not the gut like Republicans.

Who Needs Unions?Edit

Liberals--also known as Communists. They put the red in the Red, White, and Blue.

Why Do Writers Need A Union?Edit

They have no balls (or Thatchers).

Fucking With Writers: The Credits GameEdit

Despite what they tell you, writers are the only reason TV is in the condition it is currently. Long ago, when movies and television first began, everything produced was of the greatest quality, as if written directly by the hand of God, if not God, typed by Beppo over a number of years.

Now, if you were to ask the writers themselves, they would tell you the quality of America's entertainment as it sits today has little to do with what their input and more to do with forces they say they cannot control, like:

  • studios
  • media owners
  • corporate sponsors/advertisers
  • politics
  • and the market (how dare they blame the market!)
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