War On Terror
is something Middle-eastern,
which may or may not be very explosive.

Also known as: The War on Tara, The Long War in Iraq, and the Freemerican Victernity Made in China.

America's highly successful fight against those who oppose freedom and democracy (see: Russ Lieber). So far the mission has been accomplished, but the war has not yet been won. The war began in the fall of 2001 after Saddam Hussein ordered Osama bin Laden to attack the United States.

Since then the United States has had to address the issue of Balaclava-wearing nations that wanted their blood.

The War continues to this day despite The Geatest President--EVER!'s capture of Bin Laden just four days after he attacked America.

List of Country's/Areas that lost the war Edit

The Wins Edit

  • Air travel is now completely safe.
  • Air travel must be done in the nude.
  • FedEx is reporting record profits from folks shipping their clothes.
  • Wal-Mart population has increased as more folks are buying clothes at their destination(s).
  • Polar Bears are dying off!!! USA! USA! USA!!![1]
  • Goldman Sachs, who is God, is profiting off this!

The Other Edit

  • N/A

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