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Foods or Beverages

Water is a liquid created by God to be bottled and sold to the highest bidder

Chemical CompositionEdit

Water (or dihydrogen monoxide) contains perchlorateEpisode #400 and agua, a chemical smuggled in by MexicansEpisode #399.

As EnergyEdit

It will become necessary to prevent the hoarding of water once it becomes our fuel of necessity. We will need to privatize it to make sure people will still need a supplier and refiner and someone to deliver it to their gas water stations.

Water is a natural resource and could never be regulated like what Enron did to electricity.


As Cleaning SolutionEdit

Water is also the stuff you should bathe in, but it may be replaced by substances such as oatmeal, orange juice, gelatin, and motor oil, though these don't work as well. You can also drink water, though this is not reccomended, because it makes you need to use the restroom.

As Non-Gay SpaEdit

Some idiots find it amusing to go in bodies of water, known as pools, lakes, oceans, rivers etc. But there is a high risk of drowning when the water is deeper than your head. Some people have developed a skill, known as swimming, that enables you to move around in deep water. These individuals are very few and highly trained, so don't attempt to try swimming.

How Dr. Colbert Sees WaterEdit

On March 20, 2008, Dr. Colbert discussed water at length with a very special Special Report, Watershift Down: Getting the Seamonkey off of America's Aqua-Back.


  • it makes dogs smell terrible. for example "look at that wet dog"Episode #370
  • the biggest threat to water is the infestation of ships


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