is a tool Patriots use to battle America's enemies
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Gets 9/11 masterminds to confess

Water Boarding was a secret procedure[1] until recent terrorist emboldening led to it being made public. Generally speaking, there are four forms of water boarding:

Friendly Waterboarding

A waterboard

Friendly waterboarding is a service offered freely to guests at the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba holiday resort. Water boarding is a nice change of pace for detainess from mundane questioning. Living in Caribbean climes where they spend their days water boarding, you might say Gitmo detainees have it too good!

Patriotic Waterboarding

Patriotic waterboarding is an interrogation techinique to extract lifesaving information from evil terrorists. This is not to be confused with Inhumane Water Torture, which is a lawless, barbaric method used by the enemies of freedom, democracy and puppies.

It worked on KSM, so nixo-facto it's a useful tool on the war on the war on terror.

Waterboarding Controversy

Liberal, terrorist and communist media often critize waterboarding and falsely attempt to compare it to Inhumane Water Torture in order to further their ill-defined, yet evil cause. They try to prove this with ungodly facts, such as the 1947 case where the US charged a Japaneese officer with torture after applying a waterboarding-like technique on a US civilian. Again, this is obviously a case of confusing Waterboard with Inhumane Water Torture; two distincly and completely separate methods.

To remove all doubt of the morality and justification of waterboarding, consider the following:

George W. Bush is the greatest President ever. There can be no arguement against this. Since the greatest President ever can't possibly be wrong, according to this video, Cheney must be the greatest Vice President ever.

Naturally, the greatest Vice-President ever can't be wrong. (See Greatest Ever Paradox)

In this article, Cheney discusses the advantages of waterboarding, declaring: "Well, it's a no-brainer for me".

From the above, it becomes clear that there are two types of (living) people in this World: Those who condone waterboarding, and those suffering from brain death, still being kept alive in hospitals.


  1. Waterboarding has not been sufficiently defined legally as of this writing.

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