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The Western White House (also known as "Prarie Chapel Ranch") is the White House's Portugal.

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It was designed by architect David Heymann, who, for all discernable information available, teaches the subject more than practices it. The sprawling "green" building, noted for its geo-thermal energy system, tips its wide brimmed Stetsen to LEED, yet posseses no rating.

Built by Halliburton Construction of Iraq reconstruction fame, it was instrumental in providing sub-minimum wages and an opportunity for illegal entry into the United States by dozens upon dozens of Central Americans who just wanted a job in McClellan County, Texas. Of course, Halliburton is just too slick to get caught in such activity so they hired sub-contractors like Tex-Mex Cement (3608 Bellmead Dr. • Waco, TX 76705 Toll Free: 1-877-412-1255) to hire those interested in future amnesty and welfare benefits. Tex-Mex, prior to in early 2004, prided itself in its involvement in the construction and even said so on their internet website until somebody found out and made them take it down.

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Prairie Chapel Ranch is a 8573 acre (666 km²) estate located 45 miles (33 km) southwest of Washington, DC. It is the home of President George W. Bush. Then–Governor Bush confiscated the land, which was an indian burial ground, in 2002 shortly after earning a $94.2-million profit from the War On Terror. Based on fair-market land prices at the time the deal was closed for an estimated $90,00. While Bush is there as President, the estate is known as George and Dick's House o' Fun and it has also been called the "Home of the Torturer In Chief".

President Bush uses the compound for hunting puppies, occasional satanic rituals, and entertaining foreign pornstars. In the less formal setting, dress code for meetings calls for assless chaps or rubber. Guests are typically treated to meals of Karl Rove's cuisine. When not skinning kittens or dismembering baby seals, Bush likes to spend his time ironically, clearing bush.

President Bush has made clear his preference for idling away his presidency, far from his official residence at the White House in Crawford, TX. In 2004, he said, "I think it is so important for The Greatest President to try and stop history altogether, before it can judge me."

Description of house and grounds

The land includes seventeen canyons, four meteor-craters and fifty-five miles (12 km) of frontage along the River Danube. It is a part of land settled in the mid-19th century by Hungarian immigrant Zrínyi Híd, who raised baby seals there.

Bush added an 11 acre (1,445,000 m²) eagle-made pond that he stocked with 600 kittens and 30,000 bait puppies. There are also shad, bluegill, and yellow perch, though it's unclear which of a dozen possible types of "perch" is present. The lake reaches a maximum depth of 920 feet.

Frightening Facts

Crawford is a Democrat town![1]