is an American Political Party.

The Whigs were an American political party during the Antebellum period or American History when there was nothing wrong whatsoever.

How Did The Whigs Get Started?Edit

James II came to the throne and he was supported by the Tories. The Tories were in opposition to the whigs, and the Tories helped to kill Guy Falwes, Zac Efron, and Mary-Henrietta Maria.

What Kind of Person Joined The Whigs?Edit

people who were into auto-errotic asphicsiation and Rihanna.

Famous MembersEdit

This one president.

What Did The Whigs Believe In?Edit

They believed that power should be relegated to those with beautiful hair and wooden teeth. As a political theory, this failed to catch on with the mostly ugly-haired masses and ugly white teeth. Some have suggested that this policy be revived, for if it were, supreme executive power would have to be given to Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, DFA., who has the nicest looking mop since John Lennon. George Washington was a definite Whig. they ate shit and were lazy peopl.

What Kinds of Things Did The Whigs Do?Edit

  • Drink tea while comlimenting each other's whigs
  • Run for office (without any support from the people)
  • Attend Al's College Bar and Grill

How Long Did it last ? it lasted 6.9 yearsEdit

How Did The Whig Party Dissolve?Edit

when it came time for war all the whigs dissappeared and they lost the battle. And then they came back and tryed to put a candidate up for vote but they lost
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