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Honestly. The whole world is going to hell in a handbasket and no one is thinking of the children. This is disgraceful.

Americans Think of The ChildrenEdit

It's true.
Real Americans think of the children all the time. But since 9-11, so many Real Americans are over fighting for our children's freedoms, sometimes they can't spend as much time thinking about the children themselves.

So who is thinking about the children?

Communists Think of The ChildrenEdit

But not in the right way, the American way. They want to make the children become communists, just like they are. They don't want the children to reach their God-given, American-Christian potential to be the best God-fearing American Christians they can become.

Gays Think of The ChildrenEdit

Gays always think of the children, it makes me sick. They want to recruit the children to their Homosexual Agenda. They don't want the children to be who God intended them to be. Gays hate The Baby Jesus. And Our Troops.

Bears Think of The ChildrenEdit

Bears see the children as tiny, doughy containers of honey. Bears want to destroy everything that is American, and they start with the children. Because even bears know that a child-American will one day become a gun-toting Soldier-American.

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