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Ignore all rules, shoot first, and don't ask questions later.
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~ a Wikinazi
in response to wikilobbying

Visual approximation of the average Wikinazi

Yes, we all know the type. The humerless Mod or Admin that blocks users just for editing the facts in a way that upsets them.

"So what if we want to change reality to make it more suitable for us? If I choose to believe that the elephant population has tripled in the past ten years, that's my choice. If I choose to believe that kitchen sinks are actually portals to bears' underground lairs, that's just fine. If I choose to believe that Stephen Colbert is a sex god (which he IS, by the way), then that's okay, too."

The typical Wikinazi hard at work.

But no, these Wikinazis want the "so-called truth". They want their "facts" and "information". Well you know what? They need some "gut". That's right. Gut. Good, old-fashioned, Star-Spangled, gut. That's where the real truth comes from, not books, or the internets. Cause it takes no guts to ban a user on Wikipedia over the internets. To "block" their IP. In fact, my gut tells me it's plain lily-livered, yellow-bellied cowardice.

I say, if you really don't want me there making the world a better place, why don't you come over to my house and MAKE me stop. Go outside and cut my cables. Oh, that's right. You can't handle the sunlight. "My eyes, my eyes!" you would cry if you even tried. And since you can't, you're just hiding behind your LED screens somewhere in California's 50th, telling me I'm wrong. And let's face it, if you're in California's 50th, how could you possibly know what's wrong? You never existed.

As a note, due to the crappy OS wikipedia runs on, articles have case sensitivity in their titles. So while making an article on Wikinazis is banned, WiKiNaZis is not.

Rogue wikip*dia administrators

Rogue wikip*dia administrators are a cabal of administrators on the wikip*dia who are dedicated to fighting truthiness. They admit their factinista beliefs in this manifesto. They want all contributions to contain only facts they invent. Apparently, content needs to be "verified." If something is truthy, it does not need any of this so-called "verification." Maybe one day we can create a 12 step program for them to get in touch with their inner truthiness.

Wikipedia's Final Solution

Proposed "Colbert's Minutemen Memorial" in Washington DC

We hold dear to our guts these wikipedia pages, which were earmarked for speedy deletion by the Wikinazis. We'll never know what the pages said, but we feel that they were truthy. And of course, we salute those fallen heroes who were so unfairly and harshly blocked, sometimes merely because their username sounded vaguely Colbertish.

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