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is not intended for drunken frat boys
Pronunciation: Wee-kee-pee-d'oh-
Function: noun
Related forms: Wikipedophile-one who enagages in wikipedophilia
Etymology: "Wiki" from New Hawaiian: Wikipedia, "pedophilia" from Greek: child pervert

Wikipedophilia results as a santoric byproduct of "facts" and "verification".

Wikipedophilic information, sources, and persons can best be described as fully"truthiness-deficient".

Characteristics of WikipedophiliaEdit

  1. Truthiness-deficiency: Wikipedophilia encompasses anything that does not fit in "The Stephen Colbert Experience"
  2. Randomness: The un-truthy juxtaposition of word-like elements similar to Word Salad or Mad Libs
  3. Vanity: Anything that does not focus strictly on Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.
  4. Factiness in excess of recommended daily allowances
  5. Sexual gratification with, or arousal by, under-aged websites.

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