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An American showing some greasy Italian how to make wine

Wine (fermented beverage)

Wine is made by crushing old grapes under one's bare feet in a tub with an old Italian woman.

Making WineEdit

Wines can be made from different recipies. Some contain red grapes. Others contain green grapes which make white white. Go figure.

But Stephen doesn't see color, and wouldn't mind which color you gave him if, as host, you were his guest. And, being polite, you would bring him.

To properly make wine, you will need the following ingredients:


Magical fermenting machine

Mix ingredients in the magical fermenting machine, heat, allow to cool, and pour into proper container(s).

And voila!

You have wine that you can enjoy with a meal, during a celebration with friends or family, or perhaps give to a gracious host, who would be more gracious once he recieves a bottle of wine from a sufficiently appreciative guest.

Buying WineEdit

Wine comes in many different types of containers.

Wine bottles may be sealed using corks or screw caps.

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