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Grammar Nazis

Grammar Nazis

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Wordonista, also known as the Word Police, are a group of fools over at Websters dedicated to the destruction of truthiness. They are the kind of people who say "Hey, that's not a word" upon hearing about truthiness, who look things up in books, not their guts. They probably don't have guts, anyways. Or balls. Definitely no balls.

Wordinistas do not support changes to be made in the American language and most certainly do not approve of slang, popular with the Greatest President Ever, George W. Bush, or the inventing of new words, much like our beloved Stephen is prone to.

Wordanistas are not to be confused with Grammar Nazis, who despite their untruthy name, allow the invention of new words, but do not accept the use of bad grammar, because bad grammar makes The Baby Jesus sad. Grammar Nazis do not use blasphemous "Grammar Books", but edit from their gut, making them truthy. A Grammar Nazi's greatest pet peeve is the misuse of the words "there", "their", and "they're", and the words "to", "too", and "two".


Stephen Colbert copyrighted the term on the Colbert Report, the most influential television show in the history of the Universe.

He uses it to identify people like journalists, librarians, and dictionary writers that get in the way of superheroes like Tek Jansen and George W. Bush.

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