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Xavier Becerra
has been interviewed for The Colbert Report's

Left his sombrero in his lowrider.

Xavier Becerra is the House Representative to the 110th Congress for California's 31st District, The Fightin' 31st!

In a world gone mad, Stephen conducted a gripping interview with the 7-term Congressman for part 30 of the 435 434 part series Better Know A District, an interview which had us rolling in the aisles while we ran for the exits in terror.

Whistler's Mamacita would be one of the works on display at Becerra's proposed Museum for the American Latino.

Stephen threw some gang signs in an attempt to provoke Becerra into popping a cap in his ass, but Becerra, no doubt think of his parole officer, would not be goaded into drawing down on Stephen.

Becerra wants to create a national museum for the American Latino community, taking America's great art and translating it into Spanish.


Xavier Becerra
is a United States Representative
for the "Fightin' 31st" district of the state of California