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The Young Republicans is a group dedicated to providing youth to the Republican party. Michael J. Fox is not a member. President George W. Bush has a free lifetime membership.

Young LeadersEdit

In August of 2007, Jessica Colon of Texas took over. It had nothing to do with her last name being colon or Glenn Murphy. Republican's have great respect for diversity and wanted female leadership.


A photograph of Audra Shay meeting with Young Republican leaders.

Michigan is currently looking for someone to help out in their sector. If anyone is interested, don't call Michael Flory.

In 2009, the Young Republicans were taken over by Audra Shay, who is totally not racist despite misunderstood remarks on her Facebook. Showing screenshots of entire comment threads does not mean that the liberals aren't taking this out of context.

Young ElectionsEdit

In 2007, they held an election convention. Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney attended, but did not support Glenn Murphy in any way. They also did not attend any parties afterwards or touch him or volunteer for any photo ops with him. They supported Colon.

Young PollsEdit

Republicans are fighting hard over a strong poll in Iowa this weekend. Their best strategy would be to:

The poll was created at 23:26 on August 10, 2007, and so far 31 people voted.
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Young Republicans
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